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Poplars Coffee

Poplars people enjoy coffee!  Several years ago, we sampled many coffee blends and chose our favourite to be the one served exclusively at The Poplars Resort.  Our source is Cooke's Fine Foods and Coffee in Kingston, just 45 minutes from Newboro.  From days as a university student, Joan was familiar with Cooke's as a wonderful source of fresh coffee.  Cooke's has been around even longer than The Poplars Resort!  It first opened in 1865 under another name, but became Cooke's in 1924.  According to their website, a century ago, coffee sold in Cooke's was roasted over an open fire on the second story of their building.  Thirty-five years ago they brought back "on premise roasting" to offer their customers the finest Arabica coffee beans roasted daily.  It's true, you can taste the difference when you drink gourmet coffee.

We now have available for sale, one pound sealed packages of The Poplars Blend coffee from Cooke's.  So, now you can take a little of our fresh coffee taste home with you.  The only other thing you'll need is someone to ring the bell.....

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