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Rain Suit Musings

Reflecting on the mixed bag of weather we have had to date and all the different fishing conditions, I would like to suggest that any serious three season fisher invest in a high quality rain suit.  I am not talking about making a jump from a $39 to $89 suit, but a breathable, bib panted, sealed seam high end suit.  Expect to spend between $200 to $500 for a top of the line suit for summer fishing and up to $900 for a cold weather suit.  Brand does not matter as much as fit, maneuverability and comfort.  Remember you have to be able to take this on and off with shoes or boots on. This year has shown a hodge-podge of weather with some really good fishing in adverse conditions.  Fishers who dressed for it, could concentrate on the fishing and not worry about the wind or cool rain running down their neck.

Start putting your pennies away and instead of buying rod & reel number fifteen, invest in quality rain wear. Yes it is a lot of money to spend on a rain suit, but you will use it for ten years plus and be grateful that you have it on those miserable days when the bite is on and everyone else is complaining about the weather.  It is an investment that will yield high and dry returns!