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Blog about adventures at The Poplars Resort, a fishing resort and family vacation destination in Newboro, Ontario, Canada.

More Cookouts

  The theme of the cook out on July 5th was Beach Party where we featured music by the Beach Boys and Triple Chocolate ice cream, which had chocolate ribbon swirled in light chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips...a chocolate lovers dream!

and on July 12th we had a very successful first annual Poplars beauty pageant featuring Miss Crappie, Miss Largemouth, Miss Minnie and Miss Sunny...a fabulous representation of our Poplars “girls”!

The ice cream this week was “Bolaro”, a blend of caramel and chocolate ice cream with caramel ripple and caramel cups...and yes it is as good as it sounds.

Sunday evening, we got a chance to go fishing and I caught my first pike, there will be a photo of my second, when I catch it! We did get a couple of shots of deer and a blue heron right in the tree.

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