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Shifting Weather Patterns

  Talk about weather shifts and fishing... after the long, cold winter and record ice on Newboro Lake, it switched to a very wet, cool spring, then we got extreme hot temperatures and humidity for the 2nd week of bass.

The big bass were still in early post spawn and the water temperature climbed to the low 80's which made big bass move to the bottom of the lake. This past week you needed tubes, weighted wacky worms and drop shot rigs to reach the bigger bass in 18 to 25 feet of water.

The temperature has finally cooled off and the water has cooled a few degrees with a couple of short showers ---now to figure out a pattern that will work for these changing conditions.

1) Follow the bait fish--- bass still have to eat. Small baits, slower presentation in their normal feeding flats and shoals.

2) Try large weightless worms, frogs, flappin shads in the grass or pads where the bass will have some cover. This is the spot to use heavier tackle and to GO SLOWLY.

The big ones are out there....