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Blog about adventures at The Poplars Resort, a fishing resort and family vacation destination in Newboro, Ontario, Canada.

Week 2 of Bass Season Begins

  Despite the presence of a bass tournament on the lake, some very nice fish are being caught.

The second cook out of the season had perfect weather too. Hamburgers and hot dogs for all and wonderful salads of all sorts. This week's theme was sports. We had delicious Tin Roof Sundae ice cream from a local dairy full of chocolate coated peanuts in french vanilla ice cream and swirled with rich chocolate ripple. It was a huge hit, just like last week's Raspberry Buggaboo (a decadent black raspberry flavoured ice cream with Moose Tracks fudge and dark chocolate raspberry filled cups)! Contrary to the folklore from last week, the “Buggaboo” is not native to Newboro. Or is it?!

Becky WhiteComment