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Blog about adventures at The Poplars Resort, a fishing resort and family vacation destination in Newboro, Ontario, Canada.

August Fishing on Newboro Lake

Windy and mixed weather the last few days in Newboro.  My “fishy” sense tells me that the bass should be deep and slow to bite.  Blowing too hard to stay on an edge or weed line so the die-hard fishers headed shallow.  What do you know--- 5 nice bass in 50 minutes-one 19 incher in the pads on leeward side of the islands in two feet of water.   Just when you think you've got it figured, those wiley bass throw a curve at you---learned a lesson and must be flexible.  One of the more serious fisherman here figured out this pattern.

Sometimes the fish were almost as big as the fishers, then sometimes the fish were almost as big as the lure!