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Blog about adventures at The Poplars Resort, a fishing resort and family vacation destination in Newboro, Ontario, Canada.

Bass Fishing at The Poplars Resort

Big Fish
Big Fish

July is starting to wind down and it is officially the “dog days of summer” on Newboro Lake.  The weeds are high and weather patterns are changing hourly.  Jig & pig, tubes and weighted wacky worms are the weapons of choice during these warmer times at The Poplars.  Starting on the edges and working towards the middle of the grass during the day light hours is a good approach. Baitcasters on medium heavy to heavy rods with 30 to 50 lb. braid and extra sharp hooks works best for me. This is the time to set the hook like you mean it--going through plastic and weeds—get them to the surface as fast as you can.  Top water early and late in the day is still a good pattern if the weather co-operates.